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Building a social justice teacher caucus: The story of BMORE (5/22/2019) - Some context: Why was there a need for a social justice union caucus in Baltimore?       Public school teachers around the country are engaged in strikes. They are walking out of their classrooms and schools to gain attention from state legislators, and not just for better salaries and benefits for themselves (although most American agree that teachers need to be
Losing Langston Hughes (11/18/2015) - Source: Losing Langston Hughes
Losing Langston Hughes (9/11/2015) - LOSING LANGSTON HUGHES “This is for the kids who die, Black and white, For kids will die certainly. The old and rich will live on awhile, As always, Eating blood and gold, Letting kids die.” –Langston Hughes, “Kids Who Die” Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, our nation’s historic and continuing segregationand neglect of predominantly Black schools and school districts
New charter law may dismantle public education (3/2/2015) - The following piece is by Helen Atkinson, a longtime educator and activist living in Baltimore. She now heads up the Teachers Democracy Project out of the University of Maryland at Baltimore. In Maryland we have what some consider a weak charter law and what others consider as one of the best charter laws in the country.  How you view the law
Telling old stories: Recalling the fallout from school closure (2/6/2015) - Cities change all of the time, but when neighborhoods change, displacement often follows. People have to move out of their homes, and institutions, like schools, close. History gets lost. A piece of history gets left behind, staying on only in the memories of people who lived through that period. Bill Bleisch, longtime teacher from Baltimore, recalls what gets lost when schools
MLK’s legacy: #Blacklivesmatter (1/20/2015) - This is a special MLK day. It is a holiday that follows on the heels of the Ferguson non-indictment, on the heels of the Eric Garner non-indictment, among others. It is a day that activists have sought to reclaim the legacy of MLK. It is a day to collectively assert that #BlackLivesMatter. Although MLK saw civil rights, human rights, and
Communities need to make their own decisions on schools (12/3/2014) - This post is  by Antwain Jordan, a senior at Morgan State University and Co-Executive Director of the Baltimore Algebra Project. Here is what he says about why communities need to make decisions about schooling: I recently found about Baltimore’s plan to close schools and renovations in an article in The Baltimore Sun.  I believe that this poses an amazing opportunity  for Baltimore for
Free Curtis Bay from Environmental Racism (10/28/2014) -   Free Your Voice, a 20-member human rights committee of workers, students, and teachers from Curtis Bay in Baltimore. They  have been protesting a former chemical plant less than a mile from their school – where Energy Answers wants to build the 160-megawatt trash-to-energy Fairfield Renewable Energy Power Plant. Two of the young members, Charles Graham and Destiny Watford, both 19,
Smalltimore (10/28/2014) - Baltimore is not a large city, and one frequently runs into people s/he knows. Because of that, sometimes people in Baltimore refer to the city as Smalltimore.  Andy Ellis, a Baltimore activist and debate coach working with Leaders for a Beautiful Struggle, suggests that Baltimore’s Smalltimore-ness is a   Click here to view the map in a new window. result

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