Teachers are neither good nor bad, they are stuck in a neoliberal binary

Media has portrayed teachers as good or bad.This characterization is not only simplistic, it launched a policies across the country that would create ways to root out bad teachers and fire them.  From union-busting tactics like those that Scott Walker imposed on Wisconsin to test-based teacher evaluations that led to firing hundreds of teachers in Washington,DC, neoliberal policy makers, thinking in binary terms like good and bad, have gone after teachers who they believe have not done enough to raise test scores.



Teachers have fought back though, using social media to not only critique the neoliberal definition of teaching but to present a counter-narrative of what teaching is.  Through blogs, teachers resisted the neoliberal notions and used social media as a tool for advancing a “commons knowledge” of what teaching is (Lievrouw, 2011). Through an analysis of teacher-authored blogs specifically, my article on this topic uses virtual ethnographic and critical discourse methods to analyze how teachers have been able to challenge the dominant frames about the quality of their own profession and re-frame teacher quality to the public. You can find it here: Social media and neoliberal policy 

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