Reflecting on white privilege after learning the racial history of Baltimore

In the Spring of 2015, I taught my urban education course, a course that teaches students about the history of Baltimore’s schools and about the city itself. Among the topics that we cover in the course: School segregation under Jim Crow, redlining, restrictive residential covenants, white flight, and weak efforts to integrate schools. By the end of the term, my students, who are mainly white suburbanites, begin understand the ways in which race and class inequality were built into the structure of American cities like Baltimore.

Two students, reflecting on this history, made a great video that shows what they have learned. You can watch it here. It tells you what they learned, but also how learning the history of urban schools and environments can impact the perspective of white privileged students.

Urban Perspectives Final
Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the song – an instrumental of Jack Johnson’s ‘Do you Remember’

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